Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well.......We are still at Children's Hospital however it looks like the end of our stay is in sight. We had a discussion with our Dr. yesterday and he gave us all the pieces of the puzzle to why all this happened. Apparently Eli had a brush with death in the womb. His inferior vena cava, which is a huge vein that runs from your foot back up to your heart, got completely blocked up. What typically happens is that where the vein gets blocked, that area of the vein swells, then you potentially die of internal bleeding. Instead his vein re-routed the blood flow and made a bunch of small veins back up to the heart to keep the blood flowing. This whole event sort of explains why he looked like he had been though such trauma. The Dr's are still not sure if this is connected to his adrenal gland issues. So we are going to have to keep a very close eye on Eli for any symptoms that relate back to these events. Even as something small as a fever means we have to run up to the Emergency Room at Children's. So it looks like Ilde and I are going to become "Those Parents" who freak out when Eli sniffles or coughs. Argh:(
We will be keeping a close eye on Eli for the next year and will be a frequent visitor to Children's Hospital, looks like we have to meet with his Dr. around 3 times a week. WOW!!! Glad gas is cheap....oh wait it's almost 4 bucks a gallon. Oh well we are so very thankful our little boy is alive and doing well. Ilde is getting better and better each day. Jim has had no sleep for the last few days for the fact he is staying with Eli 24/7 Good bonding time for them both. I'm sure Ilde will get her fair share of sleepless nights coming up.
This whole event would have been just about impossible without the selfless help of our family and friends watching our kids, dog, cleaning our house, buying us numerous meals and loving on us. You all ROCK!! Amazing how light this burden was to carry when everyone lifted together. Starting to get sappy so I will sign off for now. We will keep this blog updated just so you can keep an eye on Eli with us.

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