Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday Night

So we had a bit of a scare yesterday. We went to Dr. Edmonson's office and had to get some blood drawn on Eli to check his potassium levels. Poor little guy had to get stuck about 4 times to get a good sample. So 4:30 rolls around and the Dr. calls back and tells us we need to run down to the ER at Children's because his potassium level is pretty high. We go down there and get fast tracked in because he is only 8 days old. The nurse at Children's had to re-draw blood and put a IV in. Lots of crying on Eli's behalf, he has around 30 marks from having blood drawn over the last week. Turns out that the sample was off from the Dr's office and after hours at the ER were able to go home. Never would think a potassium level can be so important, turns out that if it is to high your heart can stop. So we are back home and doing good. We have another appointment on Thursday to meet with the Gland Dr's. We will let you know how that goes.

Thanks again

Sunday, September 28, 2008

We made it home with Eli!! Yea!!! It is a day filled with mixed emotions. We are so happy to be home with our little one, however we are scared to death that if something goes wrong we are not going to catch it in time. We are just trusting in the Lord that he will just put a covering around little Eli.
Mom and Dad are trying to catch up on some sleep today and get ready for the craziness of this next week. The days will be filled with getting the girls ready for school and frequent visits to the Dr's this week. Jim is returning to work on Monday and feels torn to be in two places at one time.
We will continue to keep this blog updated with the adventures of Eli and the Krazy Kooks!!! We will try to have a video and some pics posted later this week.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well.......We are still at Children's Hospital however it looks like the end of our stay is in sight. We had a discussion with our Dr. yesterday and he gave us all the pieces of the puzzle to why all this happened. Apparently Eli had a brush with death in the womb. His inferior vena cava, which is a huge vein that runs from your foot back up to your heart, got completely blocked up. What typically happens is that where the vein gets blocked, that area of the vein swells, then you potentially die of internal bleeding. Instead his vein re-routed the blood flow and made a bunch of small veins back up to the heart to keep the blood flowing. This whole event sort of explains why he looked like he had been though such trauma. The Dr's are still not sure if this is connected to his adrenal gland issues. So we are going to have to keep a very close eye on Eli for any symptoms that relate back to these events. Even as something small as a fever means we have to run up to the Emergency Room at Children's. So it looks like Ilde and I are going to become "Those Parents" who freak out when Eli sniffles or coughs. Argh:(
We will be keeping a close eye on Eli for the next year and will be a frequent visitor to Children's Hospital, looks like we have to meet with his Dr. around 3 times a week. WOW!!! Glad gas is cheap....oh wait it's almost 4 bucks a gallon. Oh well we are so very thankful our little boy is alive and doing well. Ilde is getting better and better each day. Jim has had no sleep for the last few days for the fact he is staying with Eli 24/7 Good bonding time for them both. I'm sure Ilde will get her fair share of sleepless nights coming up.
This whole event would have been just about impossible without the selfless help of our family and friends watching our kids, dog, cleaning our house, buying us numerous meals and loving on us. You all ROCK!! Amazing how light this burden was to carry when everyone lifted together. Starting to get sappy so I will sign off for now. We will keep this blog updated just so you can keep an eye on Eli with us.

the cooks

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Update

Hello Everyone,
We had a up and down day today. This morning early we were given the hope of being discharged, pending a good ultra sound scan, and a successful test of his adrino glands. Eli had a procedure early this morning that tricks his adrino glands into functioning. Your adrino glands work when your body goes into a stress scenario, example: Getting sick or injury ect. Your adrino glands release a steroid that bolsters your body against sickness and gives you extra strength to fight that sort of stuff off. Well to get to the point...His adrino glands are not turning on when the body ask's them. Sooooo they doc's are giving him a steroid to see if they can sort of jump start the system. That means we are gonna be here for a few more days at least.
In the morning we are meeting the Dr. to go over the results of his ultra-sound scan to see if his kidneys are getting better and to see if there is any more clots. Please pray for a clear scan!
The staff of Children's Hospital and their facility make this stressful time halfway enjoyable. Top notch facility's and great staff makes this place hard to complain about. Jim has been down there 24/7 since the start of this and feels a little guilty how nice he has it. We have loads of awesome family and friends that make this chapter in our life not a nightmare but a time where we saw how much you all mean to us. We love the email's and the posts.
I will try to give a update around noon tomorrow.

Stay Tuned
the cooks

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wed Evening Update

Hello everyone,
We had a pretty uneventful day and that is a good thing. Lots of coffee and hanging out at the Hospital. Ilde brought our girls down this morning. Torrey was able to go in for a limited time to see her baby brother however Ava is too young.
Spoke with a few specialist today about his glands and their ability to function properly. They are going to do a test in the morning to determine if he can combat colds and fevers ect. Still has some blood in his urine, but is eating well. Tomorrow should shed a bit more light into what the next steps are. We hope and pray that he stays the course. Look around noon for a update.

Wednesday Morining Update

Hey Everyone,
The news about Eli is improving and improving!!! He does not have any tumors on his kidneys, Praise the Lord!!!! However he still has some blood clotting on his adrenal glands which are on top of each kidney. He still has some blood in his urine but the Dr's are optimistic about his recovery and we are in a wait and see mode for the next few days. The million dollar question is, if he is making these clots genetically or were they caused from the trauma of birth. We all hope this was a one time occurrence.
He is doing great, I got to hold him this morning and we talked about what football games that are coming up this weekend. Eli didn't think the Titans could hold off the Vikings this week. I told him that a strong defence could put the Vikings in check. Then he cried over it all, or maybe he was hungry:)
Ilde is doing OK. She is trying to do to much to fast and is paying the price for it this morning.
She technically should still be at the hospital from having a C-section but nothing was gonna hold her back from holding her little boy. Wheel chair and all she came rolling into children's hospital to see her sweet boy yesterday. Lots of tears and smiles.
Overall baby and Mama are doing great and are on track for a recovery. We are still not completely out of the woods on Eli but we are believing God for a full recovery. Thank you all for your prayers and email's txt's phone calls ect. Glad we have unlimited plans on our iPhones.
This whole situation reveals how we have such great community among all of our friends and family's.

Stay tuned...
Proud Dad

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Resting after watching the Chargers beat the Jets with Dada

All hooked up.

7lbs 15 oz
20 3/4" long

Tuesday Morning Update

A lot has transpired since yesterdays email. I will try to make this short and to the point. About 4:00 the Dr's at Williamson County found 2 masses on Eli's kidneys and he had some bleeding in his urine. They immediately got him ready for transport to Vandy's Children's Hospital. Lots of tears and praying going on at this point. Ilde had to stay at Williamson to recover and Jim went down to children's hospital to be with Eli. They observed him all night and his vital were good, however their is a lot of testing and scans to do today that may give us some answerer's. I will try to make a blog site today and keep it updated so you all can be in the loop. I will send out a URL link later. At this time we would appreciate email vs. phone calls. Our iPhones are pouring smoke out of them and the battery life gets drained quickly. If you come and visit, please no children. We would value all prayer at this time and thank all of you for the kind emails and love. We will do our best to keep you all in the loop. Love you all The Cooks