Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Morining Update

Hey Everyone,
The news about Eli is improving and improving!!! He does not have any tumors on his kidneys, Praise the Lord!!!! However he still has some blood clotting on his adrenal glands which are on top of each kidney. He still has some blood in his urine but the Dr's are optimistic about his recovery and we are in a wait and see mode for the next few days. The million dollar question is, if he is making these clots genetically or were they caused from the trauma of birth. We all hope this was a one time occurrence.
He is doing great, I got to hold him this morning and we talked about what football games that are coming up this weekend. Eli didn't think the Titans could hold off the Vikings this week. I told him that a strong defence could put the Vikings in check. Then he cried over it all, or maybe he was hungry:)
Ilde is doing OK. She is trying to do to much to fast and is paying the price for it this morning.
She technically should still be at the hospital from having a C-section but nothing was gonna hold her back from holding her little boy. Wheel chair and all she came rolling into children's hospital to see her sweet boy yesterday. Lots of tears and smiles.
Overall baby and Mama are doing great and are on track for a recovery. We are still not completely out of the woods on Eli but we are believing God for a full recovery. Thank you all for your prayers and email's txt's phone calls ect. Glad we have unlimited plans on our iPhones.
This whole situation reveals how we have such great community among all of our friends and family's.

Stay tuned...
Proud Dad


Brian said...

That is sweet, sweet news! Thanks for the updates, Sally and I are praying for you all. I love that you're able to start enjoying Eli and that Ilde is there now. What a great bonding opportunity for all of you. May God continue to pour out his mercy.

chanch said...

Thanks for the updates. Praise the Lord!
Quite happy to know He is answering 'yes' to the prayers. May He continue to take care of Eli.
- Chanchal