Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday Night

So we had a bit of a scare yesterday. We went to Dr. Edmonson's office and had to get some blood drawn on Eli to check his potassium levels. Poor little guy had to get stuck about 4 times to get a good sample. So 4:30 rolls around and the Dr. calls back and tells us we need to run down to the ER at Children's because his potassium level is pretty high. We go down there and get fast tracked in because he is only 8 days old. The nurse at Children's had to re-draw blood and put a IV in. Lots of crying on Eli's behalf, he has around 30 marks from having blood drawn over the last week. Turns out that the sample was off from the Dr's office and after hours at the ER were able to go home. Never would think a potassium level can be so important, turns out that if it is to high your heart can stop. So we are back home and doing good. We have another appointment on Thursday to meet with the Gland Dr's. We will let you know how that goes.

Thanks again

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Tracy&Irina said...

Hello Cook Family!
We are really happy for Eli's recovery, we know how much stress and sleepless nights you have, how many scars left on your heart. We went through a few scary (very scary) moments with Derik, but for now we are very healthy and happy.
Please give us your e-mail and address, so we can talk to you.
With Love,
Irina, Tracy, Erik and Derik Hyndman.