Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Update

Hello Everyone,
We had a up and down day today. This morning early we were given the hope of being discharged, pending a good ultra sound scan, and a successful test of his adrino glands. Eli had a procedure early this morning that tricks his adrino glands into functioning. Your adrino glands work when your body goes into a stress scenario, example: Getting sick or injury ect. Your adrino glands release a steroid that bolsters your body against sickness and gives you extra strength to fight that sort of stuff off. Well to get to the point...His adrino glands are not turning on when the body ask's them. Sooooo they doc's are giving him a steroid to see if they can sort of jump start the system. That means we are gonna be here for a few more days at least.
In the morning we are meeting the Dr. to go over the results of his ultra-sound scan to see if his kidneys are getting better and to see if there is any more clots. Please pray for a clear scan!
The staff of Children's Hospital and their facility make this stressful time halfway enjoyable. Top notch facility's and great staff makes this place hard to complain about. Jim has been down there 24/7 since the start of this and feels a little guilty how nice he has it. We have loads of awesome family and friends that make this chapter in our life not a nightmare but a time where we saw how much you all mean to us. We love the email's and the posts.
I will try to give a update around noon tomorrow.

Stay Tuned
the cooks

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