Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Morning Update

Eli is doing well this morning and his lab work and blood levels are returning to normal. He is going to be on a couple more meds to keep him stable and may have to take these the rest of his life. Ilde and Jim are looking forward to taking him home but are glad the Dr's are wanting to watch him another night.I am blogging from my iPhone in the Vandy pharmacy waiting to get Eli's new mix of steroids. If Eli ever makes a professional sports team, he is so going to be busted for Steroid use. LOL.


Passion Vision Faithfulness said...

hey buddy our family continues to pray for you and the little man. thanks for keeping us in the know, Steve

Chanchal said...

I'm glad to know he is getting better. Praying for him..

Brian said...

The roller coaster continues. Hold on tight. So thankful Eli is doing better.