Sunday, October 19, 2008

Home Again- Home again!

Sorry for the long delay in updating! We have been home now with Eli for almost 12 days!! Woo hoo! And it has been so wonderful!
There still have been frequent visits to Children's hospital, (every 3 days-phew) but his labs are looking really good.
We had a tiny scare on Thursday- the thrombosis (clot) clinic advised us to come in because his tests were elevated and they were afraid he might throw a clot again. So we trudged back in and our little pin cushion braved the needle one more time.
To our relief the labs came back closer to normal! Yeah God! Now we go for labs weekly and soon he will undergo another abdominal ultrasound to check his adrenal glands and renal veins to see how they are functioning. We are praying for miraculous healing of both! :)
Torrey adores her little bro and asks all the time to hold him. She often gets a dreamy look on her face while staring at him- she definitely has the maternal instinct. Ava on the other hand, still sees him as a puppy and asks frequently if she can "pet" him. LOL She is fiercely protective and tells people to wash their hands and be quiet. ha ha
Well thanks again for all the care and food! We are tickled right now, but know there is still quite a journey ahead.
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Autumn, Mark, and Everett said...

What an adorable baby! Great photo.

Taryn Zabel said...

So glad you're all home and doing well! I continue to pray for you guys!

danielle said...

i love his eyes, so beautiful!

Jeans said...

pretty eyes!!!

Chanchal said...

He is an angel!