Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Keep on keeping on!

Eli is 9 months old this month. Can you believe?? We are so grateful for everyday with him. He is a little chunky monkey now, even though the doctors say he is a little low on the growth chart. They will keep an eye on his development to see if he needs an increase in steroids.

He is sitting up and drooling on everything- including his big sisters! He loves to dance to music, playing with his rings, eating squash and long walks on the beach..er oops wrong website. ha ha

This last visit to Endocrinology was a bit of a doozy for me. I had to learn to give an injection of steroids in case Eli were to be in an accident or break an arm or something like that. Let me say this slowly... I don't like needles. So I had to quickly calm myself so I didn't look the fool in front of the Dr. All the while she is injecting this sabre like needle over and over again into a prosthesis- I am gulping air and sweating in remarkable places! LOL

I think I finally got it down though my hand was a tad shaky. I feel for Eli if I ever have to give him a dose that way. He may come out looking like a little pin pricked doll!
I also learned that when he is aout a year old we will bring him to the hospital and they will hook him to an IV and wean him off the steroids to see if his glands have healed at all. For this we are asking for enormous amounts of prayer. We trust God for a healing but mostly we trust God. So pray that we will remain positive no matter the outcome. I will give you all more details as the time nears.

For now we are so happy to have the funny guy around and to watch him develop into a mischievious little Cook. :)

This video has a surprise ending! The funny thing is, we never knew this video existed until much later. Ava (our 3 year old) was videoing this without our knowledge!

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