Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keeping in touch

Hey Everybody,
Thanks so much for keeping up with us and Eli's journey. His labs are tracking well and he is doing great. We still are in a "wait and see" mode regarding his adrenal glands. The Docs will test those babies out around his first birthday by reducing his steroids to see if his glands start up.
For now we still give him steroids 5 times a day but it seems to be working fine. On a side note, this boy has not missed a meal. He is a real chunk! At almost 15 lbs, Eli is rolling over, pulling his sisters hair, and laughing and screeching when we make faces at him. Ilde quickly caught this picture of him as he hates being on his stomach. You should have seen the resulting meltdown. Otherwise, he's a real sweetheart of a baby. Our next visit to Endochrinology is on Feb 10, Stay tuned...
Thanks for all the ongoing prayer and love.

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Passion Vision Faithfulness said...

Hey Bro, just checked back in to see how the little man was doing. So glad to hear all is well. Keep me updated on how we can pray. Thanks for allowing us all on the journey. - Steve Cherrico