Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little lab baby

had to have 2 this week because our favorite phlebotomist was out of town and we had a new gal who thought I was crazy for telling her how to draw his blood. There is a specific way Eli's blood must be drawn or the sample will hemolize and the lab deems it unusable. I tried to be really sweet and not use that"I'm telling you how to do your job" tone of voice. LOL But she kinda' gave me a weird look and dismissed me as another kooky parent. (I am kooky but that is beside the point).

I went home and a few hours later got a phone call that the sample had hemolized! Ugh! So back again today for another blood draw. I think Eli is getting wise to all the visits, because he gets wide eyed in the waiting room. A nurse came up to him today and was sweet talking him- he gave her one big smile and then shoved out his lower lip and let out a wail!

Besides all the run around, his labs came back today and they are terrific! He had a cold this week so we have been giving him 3x his normal steroids- it's called stress dosing and he seems to be fine. I think we are more freaked out than anything. ;)

Walgreens contacted us this week and gave us a formal apology. It's a start. LOL

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